If you are serious about your singing voice and have even just a little bit of vocal talent, Wendy E. Cooper, of The Cooper Studio of Professional Voice can ABSOLUTELY GUARANTEE you results, probably within your first lesson.

Listen to what Wendy’s students have to say:
“I have been studying with Wendy a little over 18 months, and as a rock singer, I never could have imagined just how much there is to learn about the voice and the disipline involved. I have achieved enormous increases in volume and stamina since working with Wendy. At a recent audition with a rock band, the band actually had to turn UP their amps after the first song even with me singing through a dinky PA system. ”
-Kevin Durkin, lead singer, “The Breaking”

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“Wendy’s professional yet personally engaging approach to voice lessons immediately appealed to my bandmates and I in Volcanoless. Having been traumatized through years of uncomfortable music lessons, we connected with Wendy’s easy going manner. We felt privileged to be working with a vocal coach entirely dedicated to the specific development and conditioning of her students’ voices, whether they be rockers or operatic singers. Even in a short time we experienced the benefits of Wendy’s wisdom and work ethic. We look forward to pursuing our vocal studies with her. She’ll whip you into shape!”
Levi Soulodre, Singer for Volcanoless in Canada

“In less than a month of serious training Wendy gave me an entirely new outlook on singing. Within six months, she was able to produce results that other teachers hadn’t been able to bring out after years of singing lessons. Her exercises are worth their weight in gold. If it weren’t for Wendy, I wouldn’t be a working singer and actor who is now prospering in the performing world of New York!”

-Denise Estrada